Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fireworks Basket Quilt

 We enjoyed the most wonderful 
featured artist/ trunk show at our
Nimble Thimbles
meeting this month.
 One of our guild members asked her mother
Connie Keyt
of Iowa
if she would bring some of her 
Challenge Quilts
created from fabrics
provided by a local quilt shop.
 When we entered the room, we saw the backs of the quilts,
showing the Challenge Fabric Connie had to work with.
 Some of the fabrics were not too bad,
like this bright red, white and blue.
 Connie wins First Place Ribbons
each year with the Quilt Store and 
State Fair.
Once she turned over her quilts
we could see why!
 From the simplest of fabrics,
Connie creates the most beautiful hand appliqued baskets!
She named this one
Fireworks Basket
 Connie says she gathers inspiration from
Ellie Sienkiewicz Baltimore Album quilt books
and flower folding books.
 The lighting was poor in the room where we meet, 
and truly, my camera does not do justice to
the intricate hand work.
 Some years the quilt shop
uses the most garish fabrics for their Challenge.
How could a person possibly create something beautiful from this?
 Leave it up to Connie to come up with another 
stunning Basket Quilt.
 All hand pieced and hand quilted.
 Complete with ruched flowers.
Connie brought several more quilts.
I will share with you tomorrow 
a continuation of her very creative work.


Nat Palaskas said...

Wow indeed it was beautiful! The credit to Connie, well done! I love challenge too - hugs Nat

em's scrapbag said...

WOW! Love the 3-D effect of her flowers.