Saturday, September 8, 2012

Potpourri of Crazy Quilt Ideas

One of the most impressive parts of Darlene's trunk show, was the wide variety of mediums she uses in making Crazy Quilts.
As she pulled out dozens of examples, Darlene offered a
Potpourri of Crazy Quilt ideas.
There really is no limit in the fabrics or embellishments you can use.

We traditionally think of using silks or cottons with Victorian images when making a Crazy Quilt.
Darlene gathered a wide variety of wools collected from garments she found at Thrift Shops.

The wool makes the piece heavier, so she opted to design a wall hanging size.

Wool still allows her to showcase some fun embroidery stitches.

And the appliqued crow gives it more of a Primitive feel.

How about a Crazy Quilt made from men's ties?
Darlene saves the labels from each tie, and uses them in a wide variety of ways.

Another Crazy Quilt is adorned with rows of ties, and a collection of buttons.
Darlene said that as she hunts for ties at Thrift stores, she often gets a "whiff" of their previous owner's cologne or cigar smoke.

Have you thought about making a Crazy Quilt to display your Quilt Pin collection?

Loved the "Quilter. Not Just Another Pretty Face" pin.

Darlene has taken the traditional Stringed Star block and made it into a Crazy Quilt.

Little bits of men's ties, combined with snippets of women's lace, gives this quilt a mix of traditional with non-traditional look.

Finished off with traditional hand quilting.

Every era can be represented in a Crazy Quilt.
Vintage embroidery designs, and ric rac give this Crazy Quilt a 1920's- 1930's look.

Darlene uses modern plastic buttons to stay within form.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the many ways and techniques that can be used in making a Crazy Quilt.
Darlene certainly has inspired me to start gathering a little bit of this and that, and begin the planning stages to make a Crazy Quilt of my own.
Tomorrow I will show you a few more examples from her collection.


Lois Evensen said...

Yes, I have enjoyed it! What fun ideas and so beautifully done.

Needled Mom said...

Wonderful examples!!! I especially like the use of the men's ties.