Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trip Around The World Vintage Quilt

How I loved reading the stories that accompanied the quilts at The Art of Quilting Show at the Gilbert Museum.
Another favorite: Trip Around the World shown by Suzie Evenstad

Suzie shared:
"This is how the story goes...Once upon a time during the 1930's there lived twin sisters, Laura and Lillian in the town of Central, Pennsylvania.
Now, they started cutting two-inch squares from their pretty everyday fabrics, keeping them sorted by stringing the same prints together on a thread.
They did get the center put together before life interrupted and the work was set aside.

Years later, Laura and her granddaughter Suzie came upon a box in Laura's attic with the 'work in progress' securely tucked away.

The two of them began piecing anew. In time they were getting to the last rows, but Laura's eyesight was failing.

The time came for Suzie to finish the piecing on her own, which she faithfully did.
This quilt is referred to as a 'summer quilt' as it has no batting."
Begun by sisters Laura Cole Barnes and Lillian Cole
Finished by Suzie Guthrie Evenstad
Begun 1930
Completed 2008
Hand Pieced

Don't you love that story?
It makes Suzie's quilt come alive.
I found an easy free pattern with tutorial for
Picnic Around The World (63" X 63")
on Fave Quilts HERE,
which is now on my To-Do List.
Hopefully it won't have to be completed by a granddaughter.


Needled Mom said...

What a touching story! I am afraid I have a few of those "to be completed" quilts in my stash too. Now I don't feel so bad about them. ;)

Julia said...

What a lovely story...I love reading how quilts come about,
So many years from beginning to finished...main thing is that the quilt did get finished by a special grand daughter..
Julia ♥

Cynthia said...

That is a sweet story. The way you are able to complete your projects so well, you won't have to rely on your grand daughter! lol