Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kaffe Knit Socks

My friend Beth Fyans knows how much I love anything Kaffe Fassett. I have admired his work for years, and he is the only fabric designer I collect.
So I was THRILLED when Beth knit me a pair of socks using Kaffe yarn as a Christmas present this year.

Look how warm and toasty these will be to wear this winter.
Thank you so much Bethie! I love them.

Beth remembered hearing me say: "One of my dreams (and on my wish list) is to learn how to knit. And when that time magically appears, I would like to start by knitting socks."
That moment is not on the horizon at present, but when life settles down somewhat I will be in line at the knit shop.
You will also find me sitting right next to my daughter Elizabeth, my friend Beth, and any other knitters I can find, asking a million questions.
Look out knitting world.

Until then, I will gaze fondly upon you.

Beth used Regia #4254 Mirage Earth
Made in Italy, wool, machine washable.
Did you know that in his early years as an artist, Kaffe was most known for his knitting?
From Kaffe Fassett Studio:

Kaffe ventured into the world of colourful yarn on a visit to a Scottish wool mill with fashion designer Bill Gibb. Inspired by the colours in the landscape, Kaffe was thrilled to find the same colours in yarns. He bought 20 colours of Shetland wool and some knitting needles, and on the train back to London a fellow passenger taught him how to knit. His first design appeared as a full page spread in Vogue Knitting magazine.

From Vogue International Magazine:
• Don't be afraid of colour - why limit yourself to just one shade of red when you can use seventeen? Layering colours will give your work resonance, so strive for a rich texture, even if it's worked in fifty shades of gray.

• Let your yarns inspire you. Make collections of yarn and display them in a basket where you can see them. I often open a drawer of yarn to organize it, and next thing I know I'm sitting down to knit.


ritad said...

Hope you are a better knitter than I..My goal this year was to learn to knit socks..I've been knitting for years but had never tried socks.. Oh Boy, I'm still struggling and not near there yet. I will not give up, but I may have to take a break.

Lois Evensen said...

Ah, yes, what beautiful socks. :) I love to knit and crochet and finish ever day watching a little TV with needles or a hook in hand. The socks are wonderful and are encouragement to me to start a sock project. :) What a lovely gift!

Unknown said...

Beautiful socks! Lucky you! Kaffe's brother owns Nepenthe (one of my favorite places) in Big Sur...just learned that this year, when I was at Back Porch Quilts in Monterey, which carries ALL of his fabric! If you know what you want, they will mail order. Okay, my enabling is done for the day!

Material Mary said...

Love the socks. That is something I want to tackle this winter. Every winter I knit a few things up for fun.

Kris said...

Oh, wow, Nedra!! I am sooooo jealous!!! Kaffe socks!!! What an amazing gift!!! Can't wait to see ya in them!!!

Unknown said...

You will love knitting, Nedra. I've been knitting for years and socks are my favorite "go" project. I found it much easier knitting socks with 2 circular needles rather than the 4 or 5 dpn method. NO LADDERS! I know you will love your socks.