Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nicole's Quilt

Don't you love new quilters? I have heard that statistically the largest group of quilters permeating the market today are young women who are just beginning.
Hurray for these ladies who appreciate and are cultivating the art.

Today my friend Nicole came over to learn how to put binding on her first quilt.

Nicole is a quick study and is doing so well, especially since she hasn't done any sewing before this project.
Her first quilt sure looks better than my first quilt.

The trucks and tractors are for her son Truman, who is very excited to have a quilt of his own.
She will now go home and complete the hand sewing to tack down the other side.
Nicole has enjoyed the process and is looking at patterns to start another quilt soon. ( We have another convert).

Great job Nicole! You should be so proud of your work.


Unknown said...

Excellent, she is definitely a fantastic new recruit! Keep on truckin'! LOL

Material Mary said...

It gives me warm fuzzies to know that someone else is learning what I love so much. It is great to have wonderful teachers like you to help them.

Nicole said...

Thanks so much for your help. You give me too much credit and not enough for yourself. I appreciate all you have done for me. I'll keep you updated on the finished product.

dotti white said...

Nedra and Nicole...awesome teamwork. I absolutely am impressed! I hope Truman enjoys the quilt!

Janet said...

There's nothing better than to encourage and help new beginners. Their enthusiasm is contagious don't you think? What a great first quilt, really wonderful!

Sherri said...

Great job Nicole! It's so fun to mentor new quilters!

Trisha said...

Yay, Nicole! I hope she sticks with it and becomes as obsessed as we all are.

Micki said...

What a great job on a first quilt! Wonderful!

Butterfly said...

Awesome job for a first quilt. Truman is a lucky little boy!