Monday, July 7, 2014

Quilt Show in Pinetop/Lakeside, Arizona

Over the 4th on July holiday
we went with our friends The Hollands
up to the resort town area Pinetop/Lakeside
This is the first we had been to this part of Arizona
and it was wonderful to get out of the heat
and to a higher elevation.
Denise and I attended a quilt show presented by the
Quilters Of the White Mountains
while our husbands hiked the mountainous trails.
 In the next few days I will be showing you a few of the quilts
I found especially impressive from the show.
Unfortunately, the show had terrible lighting in the convention center
so please forgive some of the poor quality in my photos.
In fact, I observed some attendees using the lights of their cell phones 
as they walked the aisles
in order to see the see the quilts :(
I kept changing the settings on my camera
with the hopes of capturing some of the color.
My most favorite from the show:
Arizona Starry Night
by Alicia Sterna
 Alicia wrote
"Van Gogh's Starry Night, a favorite, is the 
inspiration for the look at a desert sky.
 Small pieces of fabric mimic the brush stokes of paint.
 Desert plants silhouette against the night sky, 
as city lights reflect against the mountains."
 Alicia quilted this herself on a domestic machine.
Beautifully done!
 Hazy Shades of Winter
a silk quilt
also by Alicia Sterna
I really liked her work!
Alicia wrote
"Inspired by Patti Carey's Misty Pines pattern
is all about the 
Zen Tangle inspired quilt designs.
 Winter colors of dupioni (silk) evoked a mood of
hazy winter forests.
Irregular borders provide a contemporary look."
Quilted by Alicia on her domestic machine,
free motion quilting.


Anonymous said...

Imagine my surprise to have a friend direct me to your blog this morning. I am so glad you enjoyed my work. I look forward to seeing what else you selected from the show for your comments. Alicia Sterna

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

wonderful work - too bad the lighting in the building wasn't working properly for a show
It is always nice to find a place to escape the heat of summer!

Jan Marie said...

So fun to find new places to visit. It seems quilts are every where.

annlp said...

Alicia really does wonderful work!