Thursday, June 26, 2014

Those Mesa Ladies Summer Sewing Safari

 Yesterday was my favorite day of the month
Those Wonderful Mesa Ladies
 Peg was in charge of hosting for June
and she always makes everything so fun!
She e-mailed us in advance and said the day
would have the theme of
Summer Sewing Safari
The invitation said:
Dress in your animal print attire - if you want to...
Gonna Go Wild, quilting.
Door Prizes: Like, every half hour, just saying.
Lunch: Don't mess with me, I've got this, ladies!
Show and tell: This a favorite part. Bring your fun stuff to show.
Duh: We'll be sewing/quilting/cutting, whatever you wish

 So I dressed up in my best leopard shirt...
 grabbed my zebra scissors 
Cheetah glasses
along with my sewing machine and quilting supplies
 and headed to the church.
 Peg and Candice had the room
ready for our arrival
with Safari treats and door prizes.
Music from The Lion King's
Hakuna Matata
would erupt through out the room
about every 20 minutes
and a door prize would be given.
 All were jungle themed
Peg really was creative in her selections!
Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!
Who would not love a tiger or zebra car?
I personally received some very cool
Jaguar cupcake liners
and a zebra night mask.
Renee went home with animal print flip flops.
 Peg even made 
wrist pin cushions for each one of us!
 I now have my very own Cheetah wrist pin cushion.
Are you jealous?
 Have I mentioned before that Peg has an extensive background in catering?
She and Candice provided the most delicious boxed lunches.
Chicken salad on croissants
fruit cups
veggies and veggie dip
and dessert
Wild, Crazy, Exotic!
I loved every minute of our day!
Thank you Peg and Candice for a truly Wild Time  !!
tomorrow I will share with you our
Show and Tell from the group.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I bet a lot of quilters can't compete with this lady! what a set up for a quilting day - she sure must love doing this kind of stuff, I would be at a loss to come up with an idea. Y'all look great in your animal prints

Needled Mom said...

How fun!!!! Love those little cars!