Monday, April 14, 2014

The Art of Quilting Show

 This is the 9th year
for the 
Art of Quilting Show
which runs through May 31st
 at the Gilbert Arizona Museum
 My favorites were the
antique quilts on display.
As always, I love the stories
that accompany each quilt.
 Once Upon A Time
Blocks signed in 1899
Owned by Joyce Johnson
"This charming friendship quilt appears to have been 
embroidered by several different ladies,
as several of the blocks have signatures of different handwriting."
Once owned by Martha Piper, 
a Civil War Veteran's Widow.
 Dresden Plate
Donated to the Gilbert Historical Museum
 Hand Pieced
Hand Quilted
 High On The Wall
Shown by Beverly Rush
Hand Pieced 
Hand Quilted
This story made me laugh!
"On a vacation in Kentucky with our friends,
we stopped at an Antique Store where I saw this quilt
hanging high on the wall.
I asked the clerk if he would get it down for me.
As he did, my friend said she was also interested in it.
I told her I saw it first
and the clerk agreed.
Now it's mine. "
Tomorrow I will share with you more 
quilts from the Show.

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em's scrapbag said...

Great antique quilts. Love the Dresden!!!!