Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Quilting on Heat Watch

 I just looked up the expected temperatures for
today and tomorrow.
 They even added an extra
Excessive Heat Watch Advisory
 I really do love Arizona
MOST of the year.
In many areas of the world
people hibernate in the winter.
I'm learning that Arizonians do it differently.
We play outside all
Winter, Spring and Fall
then try to stay indoors under our air conditioners
during the summer.
(the fortunate leave town)
Part of me doesn't mind too much.
I feel a little like baby bear
Too hot to do yard work (oh well)
Too hot to run to the grocery store ( just make do)
Too hot to cook (and the problem is?)
Too hot to exercise (oh, boo hoo)
Too hot to get in your car and run errands (save money)
this little bear can stay indoors 
all day
Now, that feels juuussst right :)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have heard of the horrible heat you have well at least it is "dry heat" LOL - although who wants to bake in an oven I never know!! it is in the 90's here practically overnight - it was so nice for such a long time being in the 70's most of the time - now 90's all week!

Nanette Merrill said...

It was pretty hot when we were at Polly's. I can imagine what it was where you live. It is hot enough HERE this week. Well, not everyday. I know what you mean though. When it snows and is windy I dont' like it here much. But then that is what quilts are for. I guess.

Cardygirl said...

Stay cool....love little bear!

Ranch Wife said...

LOL . We're in NM and out temps are nipping at your heels. Our thermometer read 109° this afternoon. Unfortunately, what we do for a living does not allow us to stay indoors, although DH is outside much more than I am. I am hiding inside this afternoon though. Love the way you are handling the heat - funny!

Tami C said...

I just got a brand new A/C for my sewing room and I don't see myself coming out of it very much when it is really hot. It's 97 degrees here in Colorado today. Second day in a row that we've broken a very old record. Sure don't want to do another one. Stay cool!

Cori said...

OK, little bear, dry heat or not! 113 is way too hot for me. Here, upstate NY the temperature is beautiful 73 degrees.Stay cool and happy quilting.

fiberchick said...

That is too hot for humans! I don't know how you do it...

dream quilt create said...

Ha ha! Good reason to quilt! It was 118 degrees last Saturday but then it dropped 40 degrees on Sunday with a beautiful breeze!