Monday, August 20, 2012

Phoenix Modern August

It's so nice to see the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild really starting to get organized.
We have an official meeting place now: The Chandler Police Department building, 3rd Saturday, every month.
Yes, you read that first part right.
The Chandler, Arizona police have a wonderful conference room where they welcome several quilt groups.
I have to admit, I did feel very safe :)

The ladies brought their machines, or did hand work.
Alyssa taught the group how to make a really nice wool needle case. (more about that later)

We didn't have an official Show and Tell, but I did go around with my camera and took pictures at work stations.

One quilter just finished Amy Smart's Double Crossed

Love the colors she chose.
I told her Amy would be so proud!

The pdf pattern can be downloaded on Amy's web site HERE.

Kirsten brought her latest design, with a pattern coming soon.
She asked for suggestions from the group on how they would do the quilting.

We had a good turn out, even with so many out of town and on vacation.
I will share a few more photo's from the group tomorrow.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you have so many good quilters in your group - nice to have a safe place to meet!

Material Mary said...

What great projects...You are one busy gal going to San Francisco and then back to the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild....Hope you are having a wonderful summer...

Cathy said...

Gorgeous quilts Nedra, thanks for the pics. xo

Nat Palaskas said...

You always have great show and tell from your group Nedra. Did I get it right? The Arizona quilt group is your new group since you moved there? You will be safe there I'm sure - Hugs Nat

fiberchick said...

Cool palettes! Especially the pink, black and white one...

Ann Michelle said...

Fantastic! Amy Smarts pattern is going on my must do list! Thanks for the link!

amy smart said...

I DO love that Double Crossed! I'm so glad that you shared it! It's so fun to see it in other color combinations!