Friday, December 9, 2011

Friends In High Places

It pays to have good friends.
Friends who know what is important, and LEAD you to the good things in life.

Who could ask for more than this?

I've been friends with Cindy Harris (Everyday Insanity) for years and years.
Way before I started quilting. Way before the creation of our blogs.
Even though I moved away, we have stayed in contact.
So when she offered a GIVEAWAY over on her blog Everyday Insanity of course I said Count me in!
I was thrilled to learn I had won.
Look at this haul!
(I have to admit there were two chocolate bars, but only one lasted long enough for me to take this picture.)

Cindy is good at whatever she puts her heart into.
She makes the most beautiful handmade cards.
I am now the recipient of 15 (!) original cards.

Cindy is also a wonderful cook. On her blog she shares the most delicious recipes. I try many of the things she shares, my family always compliments the dish.
Cindy is also a Pampered Chef hostess, and sent me several things from their line of products.
I can hardly wait to try the Chocolate Raspberry Sauce, and the Garlic Rub.

How did she know I need these?
Thank you Cindy!

Good friends inspire us to be better than before we met.
Cindy is that kind of friend.
Make sure to check out Everyday Insanity and see all the wonderful food, and creative ideas coming your way.
And, I plan on going out today and do as Cindy, and Desmond Tutu suggest, and "do a little bit of good where you are."
It may even involve chocolate.


Lois Evensen said...

Wow! What a haul! Lovely! I went over and looked at her blog, too. How nice. Thanks for telling us about it.


Cindy said...

I am the lucky one. I ran into Nedra about 20 years ago. Somehow our paths crossed at a Scrapbook retreat. Nedra's scrapbooks are as beautiful as her quilts!
We met monthly to scrapbook. No kids, cell phones were a ways off, we had 12 wonderful hours. Yes, we did create a few scrapbooks but most of all we created lasting friendships.
We laughed and cried with each other as we discussed all the problems and joys of family life.
Women need each other, we quilt, cook, craft together. We become better people as we rub shoulders with each other.
Thank you Nedra!

Kris said...

Oh, wow, Nedra!! What a wonderful win!!! And I love hand crafted cards!! I keep saying I am going to make some and I keep putting it off!! Hmmmm, maybe I need chocolate!! Have fun with all your goodies!! I'm on my way over to check out Cindy's blog!! Kris

Lynette said...

whoa! That's awesome :) Chocolate is amazing. Life would be messed up without it.

Janet said...

Congratulations, not just for the loot you won but for having such a great long time friend.