Friday, December 3, 2010

Free Patterns From Lecien

A new discovery! (for me)
Lecien offers free patterns that can be downloaded from their web site.

I just printed out "From little things, big things grow" by Sarah Feilke.
This pattern, and Sarah's *new fabric line were just presented at Houston.
(*available early 2011)
Sarah is the former co-owner of Material Obsession in Australia, and I've always been a big fan of anything MO.
The kaleidoscope type trees are cut using the 45-degree angle mark on a ruler.
What a fun way to play with fabrics!

Lecien Fabrics, founded 1933 in Japan, is best known for their whimsical retro-look. If you love vintage, they offer a great selection.
Here in Utah, most of my friends have been collecting Flower Sugar.
When I think of Japanese fabrics, I always think of detailed juvenile novelty prints that are uniquely different than anything produced here in the United States.


Jewel said...

I have the book Material Obsessions 2 and there is a tree pattern in it similar to this. It is on my "someday" list.

amy smart said...

Ooo! Great find! Thanks for sharing

Sherri said...

Hi was fun to see you today!

Miriam said...

I love that Flower sugar fabric! Thank you for the link!

Janet said...

The Lecien fabrics are very nice, a bit pricey here but top quality. Sarah is quite clever with her patterns.

Sparky said...

Hi Nedra...not LUcien, their fabric...I have quite a bit of durham and georgia ...making those trees would be a lovely project..

Material Mary said...

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered the free patterns. There was also one from Natalie Lymer (Cinderberry) that was adorable. Love the unique designs of these Australian women.

Nanette Merrill said...

I'd love to make that quilt some time. I have to finish my pickle jar first! I've ordered the red riding hood, of course, had to.