Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sewing Flying Geese and Braids

 Yesterday during our 
Sit and Sew Day at 3 Dudes Quilt Shop
we met the nicest lady.
Juliette is from Yorkshire, England
and is here in Arizona on holiday for 3 weeks.
Craving a day to quilt, she stopped in the store
and ended up sharing a spot at our table.
Jeff graciously provided her with a machine and sewing kit
and she was soon working away.
I thought it was wonderful that she was brave enough to 
initiate a quilt day in a country that is not her own,
with people she had never met.
But, as she said, and I couldn't agree more
"Quilters are the nicest people, 
and it doesn't matter where you are from,
they will always welcome you in to their circle."
When Juliette observed me sewing
rows of Flying Geese with Triangles On A Roll
Sew and Fold paper
she too wanted to give it a try.
 With just a few minutes of instruction
she caught on quickly and loved how easy the geese went together.
I noticed she picked out red, white and blue fabric
in honor of her American quilt experience.
(Although, it is her national colors, too!)
 Now Juliette will take back to England
a new quilting technique she learned in America.
 Denise was also working on
Sew and Fold paper.
You have the option of making
on the very same paper that makes Flying Geese.
*papers come in 5 sizes
 Denise will be teaching a 
Braid Class at 3 Dudes
on Saturday June 14th from 1-4
Free patterns will be provided for both
the I-Pad case and Eye Glass case.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is so nice - I don't remember the name of the store but a couple years ago when I stopped in a shop in Moab, UT - got to talking with the worker and when she realized I was traveling through she mentioned they had a work day in the back of the shop a couple days later in the week and said I was welcome to join in and they had an extra machine- but we were leaving the next day so I didn't go back - but I thought that was so nice - she said they often in tourist season times have ladies on the road stop by to visit and join them and to keep them in mind next time I was in the area. A lot of times when traveling with hubby even though we get along tremendously and have been married for years and years I am ready for some quilting chatter - just the plain talk among women!

em's scrapbag said...

Looks like fun. I agree with Juliette. Quilters are the nicest people.